Improvements to Printing the Adoration Schedule

Many adoration coordinators find it helpful to print the adoration schedule. We Adore Him makes this easy!

Today, we added two helpful features to our print feature.

  1. You can print a specific week's schedule.
  2. You can optionally include only certain times in the printed schedule.
New features on the printed adoration schedule

The Weekly schedule option prints the general weekly schedule (daily and weekly recurring commitments). This option is excellent for communicating where ongoing help is needed.

The Currently viewed week option prints the adoration schedule for a specific week. For example, if you are expanding adoration to additional weekly hours in the future, you might print that first week's schedule to show where help is still needed.

The new Time field allows you to filter the list of times included in the printed schedule, for example, if you want each of your hourly captains to have a paper to scribble on while calling their committed adorers.