Adorers Can Delete Dates From Their Adoration Commitments

Sometimes adorers can't make their adoration commitment on a particular date and don't need a substitute.

It happens. For example, perhaps several other adorers are signed up for that hour. And hopefully, the adorer spoke to one of them to confirm they'll be there.

In situations like this, there's no need to request a substitute.

Until today, only administrators and captains had the ability to remove an adorer from the calendar on specific dates.

And now, adorers can also delete individual dates from their commitments!

Commitment date Delete button for adorers
Adorers can delete specific dates from their commitments

They can delete their entire commitment, so naturally, they should be able to delete individual dates, too. šŸ¤”

And, just like when deleting their entire commitment, they can include a note when deleting a date.

When they delete a date in this way, admins and captains will be notified if they have the Commitment is deletedĀ admin notification enabled.

And, if the adorer restores a previously-deleted date,Ā admins and captains will be notified if they have the New commitment is made admin notification enabled.

Commitment date Restore button for adorers
Adorers can also restore a previously-deleted commitment date