How can I hide closed hours from the schedule?

When adorers visit your Schedule page, they see a full week-at-a-glance view. For perpetual adoration programs, this works great.

But if your adoration program runs on a limited schedule (e.g., only a few days per week), you might want to display only those hours when you usually offer adoration.

Setting the Hour Visibility

When adoration is available for an hour, the hour is always displayed on the schedule.

However, if you close an hour, you may hide it from the schedule by editing the hour (individually or in bulk).

Setting an hour's visibility
Setting the visibility of multiple hours

On narrow displays (mobile), the hours are hidden individually. The hours are only hidden on wider displays if all the hours in the row or column are hidden.

For example, here's a schedule with adoration Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM, with all other hours closed and hidden.

A schedule with several hidden hours

Automatically Collapsing the Schedule

Closed days and hours on the vertical and horizontal edges of the schedule can instead be hidden automatically.

This feature is not recommended. Instead, we encourage you to set the visibility for closed hours using the method described above.

Enable this feature with the Collapse schedule field at Admin » Settings » Schedule.

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