How does half-hour mode work?

How does half-hour mode work?

There is a clever way to organize an adoration schedule where hour-long adoration commitments start 30 minutes apart. With this "staggered start" approach, there are always two adorers at each hour with a built-in buffer for late-arriving adorers or those who need to leave early.

For example: Adorer A has a 9–10 AM commitment, Adorer B has a 9:30–10:30 AM commitment, and Adorer C has a 10–11 AM commitment. If Adorer B arrives late or needs to leave early, either Adorer A or Adorer C will be there to cover the gap, there is no need to contact the adoration coordinator, and Jesus will not be left unattended.

We Adore Him supports this method of organizing an adoration schedule with our Half-hour Mode feature.

Enable this feature with the "Enable half-hour mode" field at Admin » Settings » Schedule.

With half-hour mode enabled, the Schedule page will show 48 time slots for each day (2 per hour). Each time slot is still 1 hour long.

Half-hour mode on the Schedule page

When using half-hour mode, there will be two adorers at each hour because of the overlap. Thus, you'll probably want to set the minimum number of adorers to 1 for each hour time slot.

Please note that adoration commitments are still an hour-long, even though they start every 30 minutes. Adjacent commitments overlap each other.

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