How can I collapse the schedule to show only open adoration hours?

When adorers visit your Schedule page, they see a full week-at-a-glance view. For perpetual adoration programs, this works great.

But if your adoration program runs on a limited schedule (e.g., only a few days per week, or only during a range of daytime hours), you might want to collapse the vertical and horizontal edges of the schedule to hide the closed days and hours.

To accomplish this, use the Collapse Schedule feature.

Enable this feature with the Collapse schedule field at Admin » Settings » Schedule.

Schedule page uncollapsed
The uncollapsed, full schedule page 
Schedule page collapsed
The schedule page collapsed to show only open hours (in this case, M–F, 9 AM–5 PM)

Please note: This feature is only available for wide displays, such as a desktop or tablet. The schedule is not collapsed for narrow displays and mobile devices.

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