Substitute Requests When Adoration Is Unavailable

Today we added better handling for substitute requests when adoration is unavailable.

Previously, if you closed adoration for hours on the Schedule page, you also had to check the Admin » Substitute Requests page and pause or cancel any outstanding substitute requests.

Now, after closing one or more hoursWe Adore Him will automatically pause any outstanding substitute requests and call your attention to them. (You will probably want to cancel them.)

Impacted substitute requests after changing adoration availability

The substitute request will appear as "paused" at Admin » Substitute Requests, with a helpful note that adoration is unavailable. It would be a good idea to cancel this substitute request!

Substitute request is paused because adoration is unavailable

And don't worry, if you miss this and try to restart a paused substitute request, you won't be able to! (Because adoration is unavailable, right?)

You cannot start a substitute request if adoration is unavailable