Prioritizing the List of Substitutes for a Given Date

We Adore Him works hard to improve the quality of life of adoration coordinators.

One of those ways is through our Substitute Finder—with little effort, adorers can request and find a substitute with little or no direct involvement of a coordinator.

The power of this system is that when a substitute is needed, we first build a list of eligible substitutes then pick one to invite. By inviting adorers one at a time, we contact the fewest people possible.

Today, we tweaked the algorithm that determines which substitute to invite next.

Here's how it works for a new substitute request:

  1. If we already sent an adorer an invitation for another adoration date, but they haven't responded yet, they are deprioritized in the list. We don't want to overwhelm them by stacking up invitations before they have a chance to respond with "yes" or "no."

  2. New—if an adorer has already accepted another substitute invitation for the same day as this adoration date, they are also deprioritized in the list. We figure they are less likely to say "yes" if they have already rearranged their schedule on a given day.

Then, we randomly select an adorer from the remaining list of substitutes and send them an invitation.

Hopefully, this tweak makes it even easier to manage your adoration program!