Several Updates

We've been hard at work making We Adore Him awesomer...

Here are a few recent updates. 😊

  • When an adorer deletes their commitment, an email is sent to administrators letting them know who deleted what commitment. This way, you're always "in the know."

  • There's a new "Visits" page in your Admin menu (Admin » Visits). If you go there, you'll see a list of past commitments with an easy "On/Off" toggle button to record whether the adorer was present.

  • We now allow you to configure hour many hours before a commitment time folks can request a substitute. For example, 1 hour before a commitment isn't enough time to find a sub. So, we've set a sensible default at 6 hours. You can change this at Admin » Settings » Substitutes.

  • Our kiosk is almost ready!!! The launch date is the Feast of St. Thérèse of Lisieux on October 1st. This will allow adorers to easily sign in at your chapel entrance by simply tapping their name on the screen. Guests will also be able to sign-in and even provide their phone or email to get more info about signing up for an hour of adoration. This will all integrate with the Admin » Visits page, and we're going to create some easy-to-understand reporting, so you can have automated attendance records.

You'll be able to load our check-in app on any type of touch-enabled tablet, and we recommend an iPad because it has a cool "guided assistance" mode that allows you to lock it into a single app, so folks can't get out of the app and use other features of the iPad.

Then, you can simply tether it to a piece of furniture or the wall using a tethering device. You can also place the iPad on a table using a stand.

We'll show you how to load the app on your tablet, set it in guided assistance mode (if it's an iPad), and how to use it.

Whew... Thanks for reading all of these updates. 😊

Update: the setup instructions are available here.

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