New Phone Call Features

Every We Adore Him website includes an automated phone number.

Adorers can text back and forth with your adoration program and receive calls for commitment reminders and substitute requests.

And—it just got better.

  1. We replaced our text-to-speech engine with an improved one that sounds less like a robot and more like a human. Adorers will find it much easier to understand phone call transcripts.

  2. There's a new option in all phone prompts to press * to return to the main menu.

  3. We added a new option in the main menu to hear general information about We Adore Him. It even reads out a link to your adoration website. Call your We Adore Him phone number and press # to hear how it sounds.

  4. Adorers can press 4 at the main menu to hear their access code (if they have one). This is very helpful for adorers standing outside the chapel who can't remember their code!

  5. Previously, if someone called your We Adore Him phone number without an adorer account in the system, or if they didn't have an adoration commitment, we read a confusing message to them and then hung up. Now, these new folks hear a greeting and can press # to hear general info about your adoration program or 0 to transfer to an adoration coordinator.

Cheers! ☎️