Improvements to Mobile Check-In

Last year, we announced a way for adorers to check in to adoration with their phones via the Mobile Check-In QR Code.

Today, we released a new version of this feature with some quality-of-life improvements:

  • When an adorer accesses the kiosk via the QR Code, they'll see a message at the top of the screen indicating they'll be logged out soon.

  • They are automatically logged out after 3 hours. This helps avoid a situation where an adorer decides to skip adoration and check in from home.

  • After being logged out, they'll see a message to scan the QR Code again. Adorers must scan the QR Code at each adoration visit.

The Mobile Check-In Kiosk
Adorers must scan the QR Code at each adoration visit

We still highly recommend our Adoration Check-In Kiosk for the optimal check-in experience.