Check-In to Adoration With a Phone!

Attendance tracking is easy with We Adore Him. There are several options:

What is a QR code? It's a square-ish label containing encoded information that mobile phone cameras can read (learn more about QR codes).

The Mobile Check-In Code

Here's how it works:

  1. Print the unique Mobile Check-In QR Code and place it in your check-in area.
  2. Adorers scan the QR code with their phone camera.
  3. The Adoration Check-In Kiosk opens on their phone's browser, where they can check in and out.
Mobile Check-In Kiosk

We still highly recommend our Adoration Check-In Kiosk for the optimal check-in experience.

However, this mobile check-in solution is a suitable complement if you use a paper-based system.

Enjoy! 📱 ✅