What if an adorer isn't receiving text messages?

If an adorer reports not receiving text messages from your We Adore Him phone number, please review these troubleshooting steps.

  • Confirm that their phone can receive text messages. Some phones (like landlines) cannot receive text messages. For example, send them a text message from your mobile phone.
  • Ensure the adorer account exists at Admin » Adorers and contains their phone number.
  • Review the adorer's text message history at Admin » Text Messages and that each message shows a status of Delivered.
  • Ask the adorer to text the word START to your We Adore Him phone number, which signals to their phone carrier that they want to opt-in to receive messages from your adoration website. They should receive a confirmation message back.
  • Ask the adorer to check if their phone is blocking your We Adore Him phone number. Here are instructions for unblocking a phone number on Apple and Android phones. You might also review these troubleshooting steps for Apple phones.

Please contact us if you continue experiencing issues delivering a text message to an adorer's phone.

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