What if an adorer isn't receiving emails?

If an adorer is not receiving emails from your We Adore Him website, their email address may be on our internal suppression list.

An email address is added to the suppression list when:

  • An email sent to the address bounces permanently. This is often the case when the email address is misspelled or doesn't exist.
  • The adorer marks an email as spam.

Once an email address is on our suppression list, we no longer send additional emails to it.

Finding Suppressed Emails

If an email address is on our suppression list, it is displayed in red with an alert icon.

An email address on the suppression list

Find all suppressed emails at Admin » Adorers by entering email=suppressed in the Search field.

All email addresses on the suppression list

Removing an Email Address from the Suppression List

To send emails to a suppressed email address, first:

  • Ensure the email address exists and is spelled correctly.
  • Ask the adorer to add the We Adore Him email address as an approved sender in their email client.

Then, find their adorer account at Admin » Adorers, hover over the alert icon next to their email address, and click the Remove Suppression button.

Please note: Adorers can also remove their email address from the suppression list on their Dashboard.

The adorer should now receive emails. You can send them the welcome email as a test.

Please contact us if you continue experiencing issues delivering an email to an adorer.

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