Can we change the length of an adoration commitment?

Can we change the length of an adoration commitment?

We Adore Him was designed to support the traditional devotion of a "holy hour". Accordingly, we assume that the length of an adoration commitment is one hour long. There is not currently a setting to change the length of an adoration commitment.

And for the sake of simplicity and easier scheduling, we assume that adoration commitments start at the top of the hour.

What is half-hour mode?

With "half-hour mode" enabled, the start time of adoration commitments can be at the top or the middle of an hour. Many parishes use this feature to ensure that there are always two adorers at each hour, with built-in buffer time for people who need to leave early or accidentally arrive late.

You can enable half-hour mode at Admin » Settings » Schedule.

Can I use half-hour mode for 30-minute commitments?

You could enable half-hour mode and tell your adorers that each adoration commitment is 30 minutes long. But the software will show that the commitment is for one full hour, which could confuse your adorers.

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