How are substitute requests claimed?

When an adorer requests a substitute, there are several ways that another adorer can claim it.

Substitute Request Invitation

Most substitute requests are claimed this way. Your substitute adorers will receive invitations to claim substitute requests based on their notification preference in their account settings. This invitation is delivered via email, text message, or phone call.

  • If it's an email, they can click on a link to claim the substitute request.
  • If it's a text message, they can reply yes to claim the substitute request.
  • If it's a phone call, they can press a button (usually 1) to claim the substitute request.

Dashboard Page

On every adorer's Dashboard, all outstanding substitute requests appear near the bottom of the page. An adorer can click the Sign Up button to claim this substitute request and make a one-time commitment.

Dashboard substitute requests

Substitute Requests Page

As an admin, you can assign outstanding substitute requests to an eligible adorer (e.g., non-blocked adorers not already signed up at that time). Click the Assign to dropdown, select an adorer, and click Sign Up.

Assign a substitute request to an adorer

(Note: You can also assign a particular commitment date from any adorer's dashboard.)

Schedule Page

When an adorer makes a new adoration commitment on the Schedule page, if that commitment has dates that intersect with an outstanding substitute request, that substitute request will be automatically claimed.

Another scenario where this is useful: if an adorer will be gone for a few weeks on vacation, and they create multiple substitute requests for the same hour over several weeks, another adorer can claim all those hours in one fell swoop by making a new weekly commitment with an end date a few weeks out.

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