• Requesting Substitutes From the Schedule Page

    April 12, 2022
    There are many ways to request substitutes within We Adore Him, and we just added one more. Now, on the Schedule page, if there are committed adorers signed up for a particular hour, you can request a substitute on their behalf in the hour popover… Read more »
  • Bypassing Required Adorer Fields

    April 12, 2022
    Administrators can configure the following adorer fields to be optional or required at Admin » Settings » Onboarding: Email address Phone number Mailing address Parish Gender When adorers sign up or edit their account settings,… Read more »
  • Daylight Savings Time This Weekend (3/13/2021)

    March 11, 2022
    Important note for chapels in time zones that observe Daylight Savings Time: This Sunday, clocks spring forward from 1:59:59 AM to 3:00:00 AM. Thus, the 2:00 AM hour "doesn't exist." 🕑 🤔 The 2:00 AM hour still appears on your adoration schedule,… Read more »
  • Fine-Tuned Substitute Availability

    March 2, 2022
    Our most highly-requested feature is live! Adorers can now tweak their general substitute availability by: Time Ranges: The original solution still works, grouping availability in 3-hour blocks. Hours: Refines the above approach with per-… Read more »
  • Including Links in Text Messages

    February 16, 2022
    We made a change to our text messaging system. If you include a URL (or "link") to something other than your We Adore Him website, it will be replaced with a forwarding URL. For example, if you post a message like: Our adoration protocols… Read more »
  • Substitute Availability on Your Weekly Schedule

    February 11, 2022
    Announcing the Admin » Substitutes page! This brand new administrative page displays the number of available substitutes for each hour of your weekly schedule. Image Available substitutes per hourIt's a good… Read more »
  • Switching to We Adore Him Has Never Been Easier

    February 7, 2022
    When we launched in 2018, we had support for importing your list of adorers from another system into We Adore Him. Today, we are pleased to announce a long-overdue feature to import your list of commitments, as well! Because, with We Adore Him,… Read more »
  • Prioritizing the List of Substitutes for a Given Date

    January 25, 2022
    We Adore Him works hard to improve the quality of life of adoration coordinators. One of those ways is through our Substitute Finder—with little effort, adorers can request and find a substitute with little or no direct involvement of a coordinator… Read more »
  • Substitute Requests When Adoration Is Unavailable

    January 20, 2022
    Today we added better handling for substitute requests when adoration is unavailable. Previously, if you closed adoration for hours on the Schedule page, you also had to check the Admin » Substitute Requests page and pause or cancel any outstanding… Read more »
  • Caller ID on Transferred Calls

    January 17, 2022
    Today we made a slight change to transferred calls. As a refresher, when an adorer calls your We Adore Him phone number, they can press 0 to transfer to an adoration coordinator. That is—if you entered a transfer phone number at Admin » Settings… Read more »

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