Printing the Adoration Schedule

When we launched We Adore Him in 2018, we thought paper would be a thing of the past.

Our live-updating Schedule page lets administrators and adorers know when adoration is available, where help is needed, and more.

And the Adoration Check-In Kiosk gives administrators accurate and timely attendance tracking.

However, adoration coordinators still find printed schedules helpful.

Perhaps you want to hang it up near the chapel door? Or include it in the bulletin? Or hand a physical copy to folks who prefer paper?

We've got you covered with a new way to print the schedule.

Click the Print button on the Schedule page.

Print the adoration schedule

This reveals a form with options to customize the schedule formatting.

Printing the adoration schedule

You can print a landscape-oriented page showing your committed adorer names.

The printed weekly schedule in landscape layout

Or, print a portrait-oriented one-page layout showing which hours are open or closed.

The printed weekly schedule in portrait layout

Play around with the settings until you get it just right.

As always, if there's something else we can do to make We Adore Him even better, please let us know.

Enjoy! 🤓