A Built-In Solution for First Friday Adoration

Does your parish offer Eucharistic Adoration on First Fridays?

If so, We Adore Him has a new, built-in solution just for you!

Actually, our Monthly Hours and Monthly Commitments features have been around for a while.

But it wasn't easy to manage the common devotion of First Friday adoration overflowing into Saturday.

That's because not all First Fridays are followed by a First Saturday. 🤯

First Saturday doesn't always follow First Friday

As of today, we solved this awkward reality with a surprisingly simple solution. Just configure your "First Saturday" hours with the new Saturday following 1st Friday option, and We Adore Him will take care of the rest!

Configuring monthly adoration for "Saturday following 1st Friday" hours

Learn how to implement this new change.

And—if you are already using We Adore Him with Saturday hours configured to Every 1st Saturday, simply update the hours to use this new option, and your corresponding monthly adoration commitments will also be updated! 🎉