Are substitute requests created automatically for hours with no commitments?

Are substitute requests created automatically for hours with no commitments?

We Adore Him does not automatically start substitute requests for hours that have no commitments. Hours without commitments simply need adorers to sign up until the schedule is full.

However, while a chapel is still working to fill up their schedule with committed adorers, it can be helpful to find a "substitute" for these hours with the automated Substitute Finder.

Admins and captains can create "generic" substitute requests by hovering over an hour on the schedule and clicking the "Request Substitute for [date]" button.

Click the "Request Substitute for [date]" button to start a generic substitute request

These generic substitute requests behave similarly to regular substitute requests; they start within the threshold, they iterate through the list of substitutes until a substitute is found, and when the substitute request is claimed, a one-time substitute commitment is created for the adorer, and a notification is sent to the admin who created the substitute request.

Also, anytime an adorer happens to make an adoration commitment with dates that intersect with any outstanding substitute request, then the substitute request will be automatically claimed. It just works!

Please note: this feature can be abused... if too many substitute requests are created early in the adoption of We Adore Him at your parish, it can quickly become spammy, and people may ignore future substitute requests or opt out altogether.

View list of "generic" substitute requests

To view all substitute requests created in this way, visit Admin » Substitute Requests and set the "Requested by" filter to "Administrators and Captains".

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