Introducing We Adore Him

Hello there!

We just launched a new parish offering at

We Adore Him is a powerful online tool that helps parishes immensely with the tedious task of managing a Eucharistic Adoration Chapel, saving parish staff and volunteers countless hours.

  • It allows for parishioners to easily sign up for an hour of adoration online.
  • It gives adorers the choice of how to be contacted: email, text message, or even an audio phone call like Siri or Alexa!
  • It automates substitution requests through a smart substitution finder that methodically goes through a randomized list of all substitutes one-by-one until a substitute is found using the method of communication (phone/email/text) the substitute prefers.
  • It allows you to bulk message your adorers
  • It enables adorers to easily give a recurring monthly donation.
  • It is secure and protects the privacy of adorers.
  • It works seamlessly with older adorers who don't necessarily use newfangled technology.

In summary, it uses awesome web technology to promote the awesomeness of Eucharistic Adoration, to help folks have a closer relationship with Jesus.

Soon, we'll have a tablet and app available for chapels to secure in the back of their chapel for easy adorers sign-in!

If you know of a parish (maybe yours?) that could benefit from We Adore Him, would you please help us spread the word?

Thank you so, so much!

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