Highlighting Hours That Need Adorers

When populating an adoration schedule with committed weekly adorers, you need a handy way to find the gaps.

Wouldn't it be nice to see the following?

  • Hours with no commitments
  • Hours with only 1 commitment
  • Hours with at least 1 commitment
  • Hours with exactly 2 commitments
  • Hours with at least 2 commitments
  • Hours with more than 2 commitments

This is now super-easy at Admin » Commitments:

  • In the View dropdown, choose Weekly schedule.
  • Then, select an option in the Highlight dropdown.
Highlight hours on the weekly schedule
Highlighting hours on the weekly schedule

We also added these totals at Admin » Insights » Statistics to quickly see how much coverage you have and how many more adorers you need to sign up for 100% coverage.

Schedule statistics
Schedule statistics