Why do strange things happen when I edit an adorer's account?

If you use the Microsoft Edge browser, you might experience some of the following issues:

  • When you edit an adorer's account, your information is automatically filled in the form fields.
  • You appear to be logged in as another adorer or an adorer claims to be logged in as you.

This is most likely caused by Microsoft Edge's over-eager Autofill feature.

There's a technical explanation for why this only happens in Microsoft Edge (see below), but first, let's review two solutions.

Solution 1 - Use Another Browser

We recommended using another web browser, such as Brave, Safari, Firefox, or Chrome.

These browsers have better support for auto-filling only the forms you want.

Solution 2 - Disable Autofill

If you prefer to use Microsoft Edge, we recommend disabling its autofill feature. Here's how:

  1. Click the browser settings menu button, indicated by three horizontal dots ("...").
  2. Select "Settings," then "Profiles," then "Addresses and more."
  3. Toggle off the switch next to "Save and fill addresses."

Why Does This Happen?

First, consider why browsers have an autofill feature. It's to save you time typing your personal information into online forms. It's sensible to autofill most forms for most internet users.

However, there are situations where it doesn't make sense. For example, We Adore Him administrators don't want to autofill their personal information when editing another adorer's account.

Thankfully, web developers can code an online form such that the browser can use logic to determine whether to autofill a form. For example, We Adore Him instructs the browser to autofill the Adorer Account form when you sign up or edit your account. It also instructs the browser to disable autofill when an administrator or captain is editing an adorer account.

Microsoft Edge disregards these instructions and ambitiously autofills every form. The only way to prevent this in Microsoft Edge is to disable the autofill feature (see solution two above).

For this reason, we recommend using another browser.

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