Happy Easter, 100 Chapels Strong, and a Special Offer

Easter greetings from our family to yours! May the resurrection of Jesus Christ overwhelm you with the triumph of God over his enemies.

Christ is Risen: The world below lies desolate
Christ is Risen: The spirits of evil are fallen
Christ is Risen: The angels of God are rejoicing
Christ is Risen: The tombs of the dead are empty
Christ is Risen indeed from the dead,
the first of the sleepers,
Glory and power are his forever and ever.

—St. Hippolytus of Rome

100 chapels and growing!

We Adore Him recently reached a milestone with our 100th signup! Thanks be to God for 100 adoration chapels and 28,000 adorers.

And thanks to your feedback, our beloved software gets better and better. We made quite a few improvements over the past several months. You'll soon see a post highlighting these changes.

Special offer - 50% off for 3 months

In thanksgiving for our recent growth, we are offering a 50% discount on the first three months of a new We Adore Him subscription.

If you know of a chapel that would benefit from the help of our software, would you please forward this email to them?

Sign up - 50% off for three months

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