How does this work for folks who don't use newfangled technology?

We Adore Him is first and foremost for you, the adoration coordinator. Your adorers never need to log in to We Adore Him or learn anything new. They simply continue to show up for adoration.

Truly—it's that simple.

Additionally, We Adore Him lets your adorers optionally sign into an online account so they can set reminders for their commitments, change their commitments, make new commitments, request substitutes, make a donation, and more.

And it was designed from the ground up to be incredibly easy to use, even by older parishioners or administrators who aren't savvy with a computer.

For those who don't want to use a computer to sign up for an hour online or request a substitute, all they have to do is contact an adoration coordinator at your chapel—you—and you can do it for them. It's super easy.

You're already doing this by managing information in a spreadsheet or on paper and manually calling substitutes one at a time.

With We Adore Him, this manual process becomes much easier to manage!

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