We Adore Him™ Promotes Eucharistic Adoration


San Antonio, TX - August 1, 2018 - Web development agency, On Fire Media, Inc., has announced the release of We Adore Him™, a fully-automated eucharistic adoration scheduling software solution. “We understand the need for Eucharistic adoration in every Catholic parish to advance the New Evangelization,” said Carson Weber, the agency’s CEO. “Yet coordinating the schedule can present a real problem for parish staff.” We Adore Him™ complements the internet engagement of Catholics today by interacting with them through their computers and mobile devices. “It’s designed around the user,” continued Weber, “that's why we think this software will open the door to a more widespread practice of Eucharistic adoration and greatly ease the burden on parishes that presently manage Eucharistic adoration.”

In response to the call of Pope St. John Paul II over 30 years ago, some 7,000 parishes in the United States alone have established regular Eucharistic adoration. But the complexity of managing schedules, communicating with adorers, and resolving unexpected substitution requests has proven to be more than many parishes are able to handle. This solution gives parishes the opportunity to establish this devotion while minimizing staff and volunteer time.

The development team gave considerable thought and attention to the variation of communication technologies used today by different age groups. In response to this, the online software’s adaptability will enable adorers to reply to substitution requests through an audio phone call, text message or by email. “To be accessible for all ages, We Adore Him™ invites participants to choose their preference of notification,” said Joel Stein, the CTO of On Fire Media, Inc. “In this way, requests will feel more natural and comfortable to the user. No software will need to be installed to use it.”

Joel Stein continued, “Our development team has worked on the parish and diocesan levels and for years now, we have served their website needs with our CatholicWebsite.com website platform. Now, we can address the issue of managing Eucharistic adoration with the best that technology has to offer.” In addition to coordinating the schedule, We Adore Him™ offers parish leadership participation data at a glance, enabling them to more effectively communicate adoration needs to the faithful.

“The intention of our team in developing We Adore Him™,” Carson Weber further stated, “was to help Catholics more easily respond to the calls of Pope St. John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI, and Pope Francis to adore Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament. It is no secret that parishes with Eucharistic Adoration have become powerhouses in the New Evangelization with increased lay participation, tithing, and outreach to the wider community.”

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